Odyssey Brands® Products

Five master cheesemakers blend expertise and creativity to craft Odyssey Feta cheese, Greek yogurt, dips, and flavored yogurts.

Feta Cheese

Our five Master Cheesemakers use the freshest Wisconsin cow’s milk with state-of-the-art equipment to create our cheese. The result is an award-winning Feta cheese products. Whether whole or crumbled- our feta cheese products are a tart, salty, and super tasty fresh cheese.

Greek Yogurt

While the family’s third and fourth generations continue their commitment to the art of cheesemaking, Odyssey expanded into Greek yogurt in 2013. Rich and creamy in flavor and texture with twice as much protein and less sugar than regular yogurt, Odyssey’s  award-winning Greek yogurt comes in many flavors.


From plain to blueberry to mango, Odyssey has a yogurt flavor for everyone.


No need to sacrifice taste when choose healthier foods. Our award-winning Greek Yogurt Dips are only 40 calories per serving, have 3 times the protein and half the fat as traditional sour cream-based dips, and are 100% jam-packed with flavor! 

Sour Cream

Pick up our Greek Yogurt Sour Cream during your next shopping trip. It has less fat, 1/3 fewer calories, and 2x more protein than other sour creams, and tastes delicious! 

Odyssey Brands Products Made in Wisconsin