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Who Are We?

Odyssey Brands is a staple in the dairy food-making industry who is best known for Feta cheese and Greek yogurt.

Awarded top honors in the World Championship Cheese Contest and the American Cheese Society competition, Odyssey Brands Feta cheese is made in a traditional style that comes in a variety of flavors that include Mediterranean, Tomato Basil, Peppercorn, Sweet Heat, Reduced Fat, and Fat-Free.

Similarly, Greek yogurt by Odyssey Brands has received top honors at the World Championship Cheese Contest. Rich and creamy in flavor and texture with twice as much protein and less sugar than regular yogurt, Odyssey Greek yogurt is available in 0%, 2%, and 10% fat, plain and flavored varieties.

After success with Feta cheese and Greek yogurt, Odyssey Brands has recently expanded into creating its own tzatziki dip and flavored yogurts.


History of Klondike Cheese Company

In the late 1800s, Klondike Cheese Factory was originally named the Stauffacher Cheese Factory, after the farmer who donated the land. A fire destroyed it twice, the second time in the early 1900s. During rebuilding, a small group of Green County farmers had great difficulty removing the hard rock to enlarge the cellars. This occurred at the same time there was much speculation and publicity about gold mining in the Klondike Territory, Alaska. Thus, a change of the name to “Klondike Cheese Company.”

In 1925, the co-op hired Ernest Buholzer (a Swiss immigrant) to be the cheesemaker at Klondike Cheese. In 1947, his son Alvin, and wife Rosa (whose family also originated from Switzerland), took over the management. In 1973, a family corporation was formed with their three sons, Ronald, David, and Steven. A number of different cheeses have been produced at Klondike, beginning with wheels of Swiss cheese weighing 180-220 pounds each – followed by, Cheddar, Colby, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Provolone, and other low-fat cheeses.

Klondike Cheese Company currently manufactures traditional Feta, flavored Feta, Brick, Muenster, and Havarti cheeses. In 2001, Klondike expanded its business by constructing a new cheese manufacturing facility and installing a computerized, fully automated coagulator. With the addition of the coagulator and advanced technology, Klondike has more than doubled their production of Feta to meet the growing demand for this specialty cheese. Nearly 100 farm families supply fresh milk daily to produce the Odyssey brand Feta cheese. By contrast, in the 1940s Klondike produced four wheels of Swiss cheese per day. In 2013 they expanded again to produce the popular Greek Yogurt, Greek Yogurt Dips and Reduced Fat Sour Cream.

Currently the 3rd generation along with their children in the 4th Generation work together to make high quality, consistent products day in and day out. 

Five Master Cheesemakers at Odyssey Brands

Odyssey Master Cheesemakers

Dave Buholzer

Ron Bechtolt

Ron Buholzer

Steve Buholzer

Matt Erdley

Adam Buholzer

We are BRC Certified!

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Awards for Odyssey Brands


Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair Cheese & Butter Contest


2nd Odyssey Feta in Brine

Reduced Fat or Lite Cheese

2nd Odyssey Reduced Fat Feta

3rd Odyssey Reduced Fat Mediterranean Flavored Feta

Open Class – Unflavored Yogurt

1st Odyssey Whole Fat Yogurt

Open Class – Unflavored Sour Cream

2nd Odyssey Sour Cream

Flavored Soft Cheese

2nd Odyssey Tomato & Basil Feta

3rd Odyssey Mediterranean Feta

Flavored High Protein Yogurt

1st Odyssey Vanilla Yogurt

2nd Odyssey Peach Yogurt

Unflavored High Protein Yogurt

1st Odyssey Traditional Yogurt

2nd Odyssey Greek Yogurt

Low Fat Sour Cream

1st Odyssey Reduced Fat, Greek Tzatziki

2nd Odyssey Reduced Fat, Greek Sour Cream

3rd Odyssey Reduced Fat, Greek French Onion Dip

ACS Medal

American Cheese Society Contest

Labneh, Greek Style Yogurt, and Other Strained Cultured Products

1st Place – Odyssey Greek Yogurt PSG

2nd Place – Odyssey Greek Yogurt Traditional

2nd Place – Odyssey Labne

3rd Place – Odyssey 0% Greek Yogurt

Feta – made from cow's milk

1st Place – Odyssey Feta

Fat Free and Low Fat cheeses

1st Place – Odyssey Low Fat Feta

3rd Place – Odyssey Fat Free Feta

Yogurt and Cultured Products with Flavor Added – cow’s milk

2nd Place – Odyssey Vanilla Greek Yogurt

Feta with Flavor Added

1st Place – Odyssey Peppercorn Feta

2nd Place – Odyssey Tomato & Basil Feta

Reduced Fat Cheese with Flavor Added

2nd Place – Odyssey Reduced Fat Mediterranean Feta

3rd Place – Odyssey Reduced Fat Tomato & Basil Feta

WCCC Medal

World Champion Cheese Contest - Biennial


1st Place – Odyssey Traditional Feta

1st Place – Odyssey Peppercorn Feta

1st Place – Odyssey Low Fat Feta


3rd Place – Odyssey French Onion Dip

Flavored Yogurt

2nd Place – Odyssey Vanilla Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

3rd Place – Odyssey Plain Greek Yogurt 3.5%


Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair Cheese & Butter Contest


3rd Odyssey Feta in Brine

Reduced Fat or Lite Cheese

1st Odyssey Reduced Fat Mediterranean Feta

2nd Odyssey Reduced Fat Feta

3rd Odyssey Reduced Fat Tomato and Basil Feta

Flavored High Protein Yogurt

1st Odyssey Vanilla


Unflavored High Protein Yogurt

1st Odyssey Greek Yogurt

2nd Odyssey Whole Fat Greek Yogurt

Open Flavored Yogurt

3rd Odyssey Whole Vanilla Yogurt


Open Unflavored Yogurt

1st Odyssey Whole Fat Yogurt


Open Unflavored Sour Cream

1st Odyssey Sour Cream


Low Fat Sour Cream

1st Odyssey Reduced Fat Greek Tzatziki

2nd Odyssey Reduced Fat Greek Sour Cream

3rd Odyssey Reduced Fat Greek French Onion Dip



WCCC Medal

World Champion Cheese Contest - Biennial

Feta - Regular

1st Place – Peppercorn

Yogurt - High Protein

2nd Place – Vanilla Greek Yogurt

2nd Place – Odyssey Greek 3.2%

3rd Place – Odyssey Greek Yogurt, Low-Fat Vanilla

3rd Place – Odyssey 3% Greek Yogurt, Vanilla


US CCC Medal

United States Cheese Championship - Biennial


1st Place – Fat Free

1st Place – Traditional

2nd Place – Traditional

3rd Place – Traditional

High Protein Yogurt

1st Place – Odyssey Vanilla

2nd Place – Low Fat Vanilla

2nd Place – Odyssey 2% Plain

3rd Place – Odyssey Low Fat Blueberry

ACS Medal

American Cheese Society Contest

Greek Styled Yogurt

2nd Place – Odyssey Greek Yogurt Traditional


3rd Place – Odyssey Greek Yogurt Old World


3rd Place – Odyssey Greek Yogurt 2% Plain

Flavored Feta

1st Place – Peppercorn

1st Place  – Reduced Fat Mediterranean Herb

2nd Place – Tomato & Basil

3rd Place – Reduced Fat Tomato & Basil

3rd Place – Mediterranean Herb


2nd Place – Feta in Brine

3rd Place – Fat Free

3rd Place – Fat Free

Wisconsin State Fair

Wisconsin State Fair Cheese & Butter Contest


1st Place – Mediterranean Herb

1st Place – Traditional 

1st Place – Reduced Fat, Peppercorn

2nd Place – Tomato & Basil

2nd Place – Traditional

2nd Place – Reduced Fat, Tomato & Basil

3rd Place – Tomato & Basil

3rd Place –  Reduced Fat, Traditional

More Awards

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We make 120,000 lbs of cheese each day! Additionally, Wisconsin makes 26% of the country’s cheese with over 2 billion pounds each year.

Almost 95% of all milk produced in Wisconsin is made into cheese!

To ensure your cheese keeps its quality and flavor, proper storage is important. Here are some storage tips:

   * Keep your cheese covered after every use
   * Store cheese away from aromatic foods
   * Refrigerate cheese below 40°F

Add one tablespoon of salt for every 1 cup of water until cheese is completely submerged in liquid. Brine may turn more yellow with age. If cheese is completely submerged in brine, covered, and refrigerated below 40 degrees, shelf life is extended.

Although we do not recommend it, you can freeze your cheese. Freezing your cheese can greatly affect the texture, making it more crumbly or separate easily. Here are some tips on freezing if you choose to:

 * Wrap tightly in small pieces 
 * Date and label your cheese before storing it
 * Aim for a temperature at about 0*F
 * Once removed from freezer, store in refrigerator and use within a couple days

That depends on how much mold is on it. If there is not a lot then you can simply cut it off and it will be as good as new. But if there is a substantial amount we would recommend throwing it away.

We do not have our own store or have online sales at this time. However, we encourage you to use our store locator to find products near you. Our products are available online through these websites:




Cheese is best 7-14 days after opening. Chunks of cheese should be wrapped or sealed in a container. Crumbled cheese should be stored in a sealed container. We recommend consuming yogurt 7-14 days after opening.

The industry term in syneresis. When a container is disturbed the instability of the gel network can lead to a slight amount of liquid whey on the top of your yogurt or dip. Because we do not use any stabilizers, like starch or gelatins, we rely on high protein gel structure, a natural process of the yogurt. If you find liquid on your yogurt you can either drain it off or stir it back into the yogurt.